Elite Figure 8 Lifting Straps

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This specific style of Figure 8's has grown in popularity as it locks you onto the bar and allows you to focus solely on your pull. This is why they were the choice of top deadlifters at the World Deadlift Championships.

These are made with heavy duty cotton canvas that has special weaving for maximum durability and is rated to 600kgs with an industrial strength sewn loop. These lifting straps have been designed for durability and heavy lifting in mind. Figure 8 Straps are a fantastic training accessory to help enhance lifting technique and reduce premature grip fatigue and can increase your work rate by up to 30%!


  • Our CERBERUS Only 4 specific sizes ensures you get the perfect fit.
  • Enhance your Lifting Technique by removing your need to grip allowing you to put max effort in the pulling phase of the deadlift
  • Allows you to train your pulling movements to maximum effect equalling improved strength and muscle growth
  • Excellent for Max Deadlifts, any Deadlift for Rep Events and Heavy Shrugs
  • 1 Year warranty from date of purchase against splitting/tearing of material and stitching

Place your wrist through one of the loops and pass the second loop underneath the bar. Feed your wrist through the second loop, securing the bar in place. Grip the bar and the strap securely before performing your lift. Supplied as a pair. For more specific direction we recommend seeking the advice from a fitness professional.


Measure around your wrist using a piece of string and ruler or tape measure then purchase the closest size to your actual wrist size. Size up for use with an axle bar.

  • SMALL - up to 17.5CM / 6.9IN
  • MEDIUM - up to 19CM / 7.5IN
  • LARGE - up to 20.5CM / 8.1IN
  • X-LARGE - up to 22CM / 8.7IN

As a general guide Medium/Large works great for most adult men. Small/Medium for most female lifters or teenagers. X-Large is perfect for thick bars (Axle) & big wrists!